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The trademark medipo was applied at the German Patent and Trademark Office with the registration number 30500413, with the aim of operating an internet portal for the presentation, advertising and distribution of pharmacy-customary goods. For example a classical online pharmacy. Together with the trademark, 18 national and international domains were also registered, which are also offered for sale.

List of goods / services

Services of an advertising agency; consumer advice via the Internet regarding goods customary in pharmacies; presentation of goods customary in pharmacies on the Internet. Provision of portals on the Internet. Services of a pharmacist; medical and pharmaceutical advice via the Internet; medical and veterinary services; health and beauty care for humans and animals

Information on registration from the central register


Register number 30500413
File number 305004131
Type of mark word mark
Application date 06.01.2005
Registration date 19.07.2005
Extension of protection 01.02.2015
Date of protection expiry 31.01.2025
Class(es) 35, 38, 44

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